Custom Garment Dye Service

 How to place an order for custom garment dye:

1. Contact us under our contact form that is posted on our website. Please specify which style and sizes you would like the sample dye to be processed on.

2. Provide the specific and existing Pantone (if the pantone color cannot be verified by us, the customer will be notified). To speed up the process, please provide a link or file containing an image of the color as well as the number.

3. Our MOQ for custom dye orders is 150 pieces for t-shirts and 50 pieces for any other style. If you have any further questions about this, please contact us.

4. After your order has been processed, an invoice will be generated for your order and will be sent to your email. Once the invoice has been paid and confirmed, our team will begin to work on your order.

5. Samples are shipped out after receiving it and will follow the usual shipping and processing time listed on our website. If you are rushed on ordering in bulk, an image of the garment can be emailed to you for verification instead. 

All garment dye services are sourced ethically from a third-party dye house located in LA and are subject to their lead time. 

If you have any updates or inquiries about your order, please contact us through email for support at